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Kanger T2 (eGo CC) Clearomizer
Part Number 4008
Kanger T2 (eGo CC) Clearomizer
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A generous 2.4ml capacity ensures the T2 will last a long time between refills. 
The Kanger T2 is available in various colors and in 1.8 ohms.

Please note:
Kanger clearomizers attach to via the eGo cone threads and do not have threading on the battery connector. Devices without eGo cone threads will need an adapter (available below).

Please use care when removing or attaching the mouthpiece, hold the clearomizer by the metal band at the top when attaching the mouthpiece and do not over tighten to avoid accidental cracking.

Before replacing the mouthpiece after filling, check the atomizer head to ensure it is completely screwed in as removing the mouthpiece can loosen the atomizer head.

More heads and mouthpieces available seperately. See related products below.
Customer Reviews View All Reviews
Rating Two fantasic clearomizers.
While not new to vaping, I had only used first generation eCigs. Got great advice from Rick and got the eVod and Kanger T2 Clearomizers along with JoyeTech eGo Twist, 1000 mAh Battery. Both Clearomizers appear solid, well built, easy to fill straight from the e liquid bottle (just be methodical not to get any in the center tube). Important to me were no leaks or fluid in mouth piece despite my tests. After filling I let them sit in several orientations and vigorously shook unites several times. No Ďprimerí hits were required for either but I found it helpful to energize them for ~1-2 seconds prior to taking a draw. Both work very well, producing great vapor and throat hit but I give a slight plus to the T2. After reading Jacobís review on the eVod, I donít know if itís an anomaly with my eVod but the T2 has an easier draw (not by much) and I find I need to turn the voltage up on the eVod to get an equivalent hit to the T2 (by ~0.2V). The eVod head assembly is very easy to replace, the T2 looks like a little more work. Only performed a quick inspection on the T2 and I am not even sure how to do it. Big thanks to Rick for his help. If you have questions or need product info/advice, donít hesitate to ask him. Quick responses, very helpful and doesnít try to push you into most expensive product.
Reviewed by: james clark from texas. on 6/25/2013
For nearly three years top coil clearomizers have been my preferred device. I have everything from cartomizers to genesis style rebuildables but I still just never get as satisfying of a vape that I get with a good ole CE2 clearo, I mean the old school kind like the Fluxomizer. I have yet to find a Stardust-ish kind that I've liked though, until now. Got these today, both at 1.8ohm, the smoke color one has long wicks while the clear one has short wicks, but they work equally EXCELLENT. Excellent flavor, vapor, wicking...not one dry hit through my entire first tank full. Glad I gave in and gave these a shot. Seem to be built just as well as a T3 or any other comparable clearomizer. I'm absolutely loving it!
Reviewed by: Kim M. from Gastonia, N.C.. on 6/7/2013
I love these things! I have never had one leak on me which is a hugh plus in the cleromizer world. The air flow is semi light compared to a Vision V3 or stardust style clearo. I think the air flow on these is what allows me to get better vapor production and a much better flavor. Now I need more devices that will hold these without an adapter. When you put an adapter on it decreases airflow. IMO it affects vapor and flavor negatively.
Reviewed by: Chris Balusek from Austin, Tx. on 2/18/2013
Rating WOW!
Soooo much nicer than the more black sludge at the bottom of the tube. I'm super impressed and extremely happy. To have the ability to change out the wick is great. No more waste of a great clearomizer just because the wick is worn out. Thanks VA!
Reviewed by: Ginger LaRue from Indiana. on 1/2/2013
Rating Love this thing so far.
I finally got to use this on my VAMO, for so reason the battery end on the T2 is slightly bigger than the hole on the VAMO, had to order an 510 to ego adapter and all is good. I am fairly new and I have had mixed luck with the vision type, out of two both vape great, but one had cracks and both want to leave ejuice on the battery. The Kanger T2 has neither of these problems and is rebuild-able, overall a winner. Fast shipping and good prices, think I found a great vendor.
Reviewed by: Steve Nelson from Northern Indiana. on 12/19/2012
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