Sigelei ZMax V3 Telescopic

Sigelei ZMax V3 Telescopic

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Sigelei Telescopic ZMax Version 3 (Flat Top)

VaporAlley proudly presents the immensely popular ZMax by Sigelei!

This high-performance workhorse packs all the features you fell in love with in the version 2. Features like the ability to select variable voltage and wattage, a beautiful OLED screen and the ability to run in single or dual battery mode, and improves on it.

Version 3 of the Sigelei ZMax offers an even easier to read screen. The biggest feature is the exciting new telescopic tube and flat top design.

No more fiddling with end caps to switch between dual and single battery mode. The new version can accommodate anything between single 18350 batteries  and 18650 batteries (or dual 18350).

Not only can you now use the ZMax with batteries like the 18500, but you can adjust them to size by simply twisting the body.  If you want something small, use a single 18350 and ZMax will be a compact device.

Important: Standard Protected batteries (ie: TrustFires Protected) will not work in the Zmax. The device requires IMR18650 battery(s).

This Sigelei ZMax is sold as device only,  batteries and chargers are sold separately. See related products below.

The Stainless steel top does NOT come off. The top DOES come off of the black version.

30 Day Warranty.

Instructions HERE.
4 Stars
Looks Awesome! Might not Last as Long as you'd Hope
Damnit, I really like this thing! It's quite a juice hog, but I imagine most vv/vw devices are. This was my first step up from a 3.7ego batt style e-cig. No probs figuring out the menu, super convenient telescoping feature, easy to travel with the 18350 battery in. After 4 weeks though, the fire button has gone finnicky on me, requiring more force to make a clean connection, and occasionally experiencing a delay between the click of the button and the actual firing of the device. Hope Sigelei is working on a better button for future models. Don't wanna return it, but will get a Vamo soon to have a solid back-up device at the ready.
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Reviewed by:  from Honolulu,HI. on 10/19/2013
5 Stars
so this is my third mod and iv'e had it since June. This is by far the best device i have had but it does have some quirks. To me they are completely tolerable because otherwise this is the most durable, best performing device i have tried to date. Also its small. With an 18500 in it, it is still shorter than my vamo in 18350 mode. so i think its good, also vapor alley is awesome. Anyway, here are the quirks i was talking about. 1. The screen is slightly crooked which seems to be a common thing with this mod. 2. If i turn the screen off in the settings i cant get back into the menu unless i pull the battery. 3. When you change the battery it remembers some settings and doesn't remember others.
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Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  from Big Bear, CA. on 10/29/2013
5 Stars
Works Great!
I bought this as my first real endeavor into the ecig world, after using the blu ecigs (they are a waste of money, though readily available at almost any gas station nowadays). This thing hits like a champ. I started off using the 24mg nicotine juice and it is way harsh at first. I suggest when you start, maybe get a 18 mg and a 24, with two separate tanks to switch it up from time to time. I use this mod with the Kanger Pro-Tank and the eVod. They are both good. I like the Kanger a bit more though. The nice thing about this mod is that it tells you a lot of information, and allows you to switch from mean to RMS. RMS is supposed to be the better of the two. As another review states, mine does the same glitchy thing at the beginning, but operates completely normal after that. The LCD screen is also at a bit of a slant towards the end that fits your tank. Not sure if that's just how it's supposed to be though. It could be made like that for it to be a bit easier to see when you're taking a puff. This mod also allows you to switch from variable voltage mode to variable wattage mode. I usually operate at around 6 watts. I find that is enough for both tanks, and it lengthens my batteries life. The 18650 eFest batteries work great in here, giving me about a day and a half of use puffing on it quite a bit (probably around 25 cigs worth of smoke time). You can also change what you have on the display, such as ohms, battery life, voltage, or wattage. There is also the option to turn the display off when vaping.
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Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  from Florida. on 9/10/2013
4 Stars
Telescope sigelei
Just got it in and I like the feel of it. Couple of things though. When it turns on and " system on" goes through LCD screen I noticed like its glitching as its going through. Also all the words are not even with the screen. There is a little slant to it. Third the smok big carto locking tank fits too tight and there is a heavy draw to it. Might be the unit itself but I don't know.
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Reviewed by:  from 808. on 6/3/2013

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