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Starter Kits

*Be advised that certain batteries included in the kits on this page are Lithium Cells. We duly caution you that the nature of lithium ion batteries requires the use of a safety charging bag (available here), as lithium cells are known to possibly ignite while charging. 
*By purchasing a battery or charger you acknowledge that charging lithium cells is not without risk. 
*We highly recommend that you charge your batteries inside a 'Charging Bag' or within a closed biscuit tin with gas vent holes drilled in it. The Bag or tin MUST be placed on a non-igniting surface such as tiles or stone. It must NOT be placed on wood, carpet or a worktop. 
*Do NOT charge batteries unattended. 
*Do NOT leave batteries on charge once fully recharged. 
*UNPLUG the charger when finished charging your batteries.
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510 Starter Kit
$24.99  $12.49
In Stock
eGo 650mAh Rainbow Kit
$29.99  $14.99
In Stock
Kanger eSmart Starter Kit
In Stock
Kanger EVOD Starter Kit
In Stock
KangerTech Emus Starter Kit
In Stock
KangerTech Emow 1300 mAh VV Starter Kit
In Stock
KangerTech Emow Mega 1600 mAh VV Starter Kit
Out of Stock
Aspire Premium Kit
In Stock
The Gemini Q650 Kit
In Stock
The T3 650mAh K Kit
In Stock
The Gemini K900 Kit
In Stock